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Un complesso peptidico isolato da pancreas.
€47.00 €57.00

Suprefort 60 - pancreas

Un complesso peptidico isolato da pancreas.
Cream-gel with peptides for puffiness and dark circles — exclusive cosmetic remedy with perfectly selected components for reduction of puffiness and dark circles manifestations.
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Complesso peptidico per il pancreas. Contiene i peptidi di pancreas.
€25.00 €31.00
Complesso peptidico per stomaco e duodeno. Contiene peptidi - pancreas, timo, fegato, mucosa gastrica e duodeno.
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For the digestive system (pancreas)
Complex of peptide fractions of the pancreas. Peptides possess selective action to pancreas cells, normalize metabolism and regulate pancreas functions.
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