Products tagged with 'aa-3'

Revilab SL 03 — contains peptides of epiphysis, immune system T-link, immune system B-link.
€35.00 €43.00
Revilab SL 07 — it contains peptides of B-cell branch of immune system, bone marrow and vessel wall.
€35.00 €43.00

Bioregulator peptide designed to stimulate the regenerative processes of the eye tissue in diseases and injuries of the retina and cornea.

€44.00 €54.00
For prevent violations of various systems and organs functioning, correction of already available diseases.
€93.00 €113.00
Concentratore di energia e attivatore di collagene. Migliora efficacemente la memoria, il metabolismo, protegge il corpo dall'invecchiamento.
€83.00 €101.00
Nose balms with cleansing and remedial action. Respiratory system.
€44.00 €54.00
Cream-gel for the chest and decollete area is an effective non-hormonal peptide preparation that has anti-inflammatory properties, while at the same time giving firmness and elasticity to the delicate skin of the chest and decollete area
€36.00 €44.00
The hypoallergenic composition does not cause undesirable manifestations on the skin. The cream is designed for children and adults with sensitive skin.
€19.00 €24.00
Innovative multicomponent preparation with peptides, specially created to prevent disruption of the bronchopulmonary system.
€38.00 €47.00