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Chemo-and radio-protector of a NEW GENERATION

One of the main methods of cancer treatment is chemo radiotherapy, together with the use of products containing toxic substances and radiation to kill cancer cells and prevent further progression. However, during chemotherapy treatment healthy cells suffer as well, which leads to side effects, greatly worsen the patient's condition. In addition, the complications associated with chemotherapy alone can be life threatening. An important challenge for modern medicine is the development of drugs and supplements that can protect healthy cells and tissues from the effects of damaging factors (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and increase the effectiveness and tolerability of treatment. One of such supplements is REVIPLANT ®.
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Revifort contains glucans, which are stimulating immune system and leading to active multiphase destruction of cancer cells. Functioning components are extracts of Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake and Cordyceps mushrooms.
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Anti-age and oncoprotector
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For hematopoietic system, chemoradioprotector
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